Best Full Face Snorkel Mask – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Snorkeling masks have gained a lot of fame these days as they allow not only an easy breath under water but a great experience of the snorkeling activity as well. The first of this type of mask was the Tribord Easybreath released in 2014.

These masks help to get the snorkeling experience as naturally as nature and are now known as ‘Full Face Snorkeling Masks.’ People who have been doing snorkeling as their favorite water sport since many vacations know that a snorkeling mask in the past was available in two different units. But now the enhancing feature of this mask is that it comes as a whole unit and allows a 180° field of view is making this adventurous sport a better natural experience than before.

Despite their price is a bit on the higher side, the problems of water leaking and obstructed breathing have been solved with the emergence of a full face snorkeling mask making it a much-desired item while snorkeling. But the safety of these full face snorkeling masks is sometimes under scrutiny as they have proved fatal for many divers in Hawaii. Well, every manufacturer has been examining these masks quite efficiently after so many deaths in the Hawaii Island to make the experience of snorkeling not only enriching but invulnerable too.

5 Best Full Face Snorkel Masks Reviews

Many full face snorkel masks in the market will look quite enticing making them compelling buy. But check its country of manufacturing. Usually, the inferior Chinese masks have water leakage issues or do not allow a proper all-round vision. To avail the best, check out some of the snorkel masks listed below that will assist you in taking the right decision to purchase among the best masks.


This full face snorkel mask allows not only comfortable breathing but also a 180° viewing area. The built-in GoPro mount allows the diver to capture great moments of the views underwater. Equipped with the dry snorkel technology, this face mask keeps away fogging and gagging as it also comes with a separate breathing chamber. A perfect for use by youngsters, this snorkeling mask comes in 12 colors and has a shatterproof polycarbonate lens.

The firm named Wildhorn Outfitters makes the Seaview 180° Full Face Snorkel Mask. The new design of this model has made breathing easy either through the mouth or nose while snorkeling — no more of gagging and sore jaws experiences which one faces in a traditional snorkel mask. This silicone mask has a congenial fit that can be easily adjusted with its straps and never gets entangled in the hair while opening or wearing it.

Designed with a dry snorkel technology, this mask prevents the entry of salt water keeping you safe from choking or suffocation. It also comes in sizes like XS, S/M, and L/XL. This mask is inexpensive and is considered the best for beginners, experienced and even children.


  • Comes with a GoPro mount camera
  • Its design offers full face of 180° visibility
  • Keeps away the problems of gagging and fogging


  • Makes breathing uncomfortable
  • Not too easy to maintain as it has fragile plastic face pieces.
  • Requires a lot of effort to inhale and exhale the air.
  • This face snorkel is too compressed
  • Takes up a lot of space in the bag


This full face snorkel mask is an innovative one as it helps to see and breathe underwater making the experience even more exciting. Unlike other masks, this model comes with an Easybreath Snorkel Mask that eliminates all problems of breathing underwater by providing a hygienic and comfortable snorkel mouthpiece. They have made the fit of the mask so perfect on the face that it eases inhalation and exhalation just as we do on land.

The snorkeler gets a full 180° visibility, and no problem of fogging has ever erupted. The mask has a one-way valve that does not permit water from entering into your mouth through the snorkel. The top of the snorkel is so widely visible that it completely acts as a safety factor in avoiding any collisions with boats. Though the mask is not an idea one for free diving yet, it has been designed quite skillfully to ease the swimming experience of novice snorkeler.

This model has an extraordinary shatterproof polycarbonate window that acts as a safety guard and increases the durability factor too of this snorkeling mask. Its availability in seven different colors and four different sizes helps to be used by any child or any adult. The Easybreath option of this model is the best for your child as it comes in a variety of sizes allowing snorkeling to be an even better experience for your little ones.


  • Provides a 180° complete all round vision
  • Comes with a shatterproof polycarbonate window
  • Helps breathing either through the nose or the mouth
  • The presence of the purge valve at the mask’s base helps in easy draining of water if by any chance it gets in.


  • Has a potential leak on the forehead
  • Selection of a wrong size of the mask may help water penetration
  • This mask is not fog proof thereby hindering vision


This mask comes on being at the expensive side but has myriad features that make it better than the other snorkel masks. The four valves in its interior chamber give the upper hand of having a better airflow and eliminate the problem of fogging too. The diameter of the breathing intake pipe is quite large which acts as a real help while breathing hard. The purge valve has been designed with great expertise which seals the snorkel once the mask gets submerged in water.

Further, any penetration of water into the mouth is entirely obstructed by this snorkeling mask keeping you safe from getting choked with saline water. It also comes with flat viewing pane in four different sizes making the masks an easy use for kids or adults with a large face.

This snorkel mask comes in various colors that will definitely be according to your favorite hues making your snorkel mask look awesomely stylish. The mask provides a wide vision that helps to get a breathtaking view of the beauty of the underwater world. The snorkel is easily detachable for easy carry during transportation. Moreover, the thermoplastic material makes this snorkel mask highly durable.


  • Helps in getting a wide field of view
  • Does not allow the problem of fogging to arise
  • Helps in easy inhalation and exhalation
  • Comes with a detachable snorkel
  • Made of durable thermoplastic material
  • This mask is extremely lightweight making it easy to carry while travelling


  • The snorkel detachment is a bit of a problem
  • The mask seal puts a pressure on the face
  • Has frail straps
  • Does not come with a camera mount


The most significant advantage of this snorkel mask is that it can be folded too easily by just a gentle push of a button. Its tube design solves the problem of a non-foldable mask quite deftly and makes the easy installation. This mask comes with a detachable camera mount that you can install or remove as you want. It also has a camera extension pivot arm that allows the recording of images from any angle of one’s choice.

This mask provides a 180° field of vision and also comes with a standard diving mask. The flat lens of this mask makes things appear as they are and where they are. This mask allows comfortable breathing without having to hold a tube in the mouth that makes the jaw suffer from pain later. Its 9.3 inches snorkel tube allows a deep dive which one can easily do without worrying about the inhalation and exhalation facility. The lens comes with an anti-fog facility that decreases the chances of fogging.

The ball present at the top of the tube seals the air valve from any water penetration. Any entrance of water is held back by its collection in a separate chamber that is completely away from the mouth and nose.


  • Has the facility of being an anti-leak snorkel mask
  • Allows anti fogging of the lens
  • Helps to draw breath very easily
  • Allows a wide field of vision
  • Is completely durable
  • Comes with a foldable snorkel tube
  • Has an adjustable headband
  • Has a detachable camera mount


  • Becomes quite difficult to keep the mask sealed


This snorkel mask is known as the new 2018 design that has four valves for an easy to breathe facility. The lens comes with a 180° all-round view facility. It has an extra-long breathing tube that allows proper inhalation and exhalation and a defogging facility too. The manufacturers have also provided with a free hand carry case that becomes quite handy while traveling. Keeping the snorkel masks in such cases also makes them have a scratch free look. An added bonus is that this mask comes with two different sets of earplugs so that it makes the fit in your ears perfect.

Curved lenses on snorkel masks give a distorted vision that is quite dangerous. So the manufacturers have upgraded this model’s lens to a flat clear one that allows clarity as an excelling feature when compared to other snorkel mask’s lenses. This snorkel mask comes in two different sizes and will allow a perfect fit. If you want a S/M, then go for a size that is smaller than 4.7” or less than 10cms. But if you want to go for the L/XL, then go for more than 4.7” or more than 10cms.

The manufacturer SeeReef uses the best materials and stylish designs to give you an enthralling experience of snorkeling.


  • Comes with an 180° full view area
  • Helps in easy inhalation and exhalation
  • Is completely fog free
  • Comes with a complete kit with two ear plugs


  • Null


Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Buyer’s Guide


As these full face masks are a new product in the snorkeling game, one will find it quite challenging to find the best guidelines before purchasing them. Well, to make your experience unique, you can get some help here as some of the basic features that should be considered before buying a full face snorkel mask are listed below:


A snorkeling mask has a rubber seal called the skirt that makes contact with the face. This rubber seal helps to guard the water against entering into the mask. A properly fitted snorkeling mask allows not only comfort but keeps away leakage too while an improper fit mask will make you more engaged in clearing the water from the mask than enjoying the snorkeling experience.

A constant appearance of fog in the mask will also obstruct your vision and make your experience less enjoyable. It has also been heard that in spite of all efforts to keep up the standard design of the mask, it still faces the inconvenience of water making way through it. So the mask should be correctly set, neither making it too tight nor too loose. Get hold of a full face snorkel mask that allows maximum adjustment with its straps so that it is according to the right size and dimension of your face.


A friendly experience provided by a full face snorkeling mask is what one should opt for to make the most from the underwater adventure. The skirts should fit the perfect way by lying flat around your face. Also, see that the position of the skirt allows clear vision of your underwater experience. Any inconvenience will get your attention busy on fiddling with the straps, mouthpiece, and the snorkel to make it work well for your underwater adventure. You should be comfortable to adjust the mask quickly so that it does not pester you with any hassles.


For a full face snorkel mask, visibility is the other fundamental feature that should be taken care of before purchasing the mask. Not only should the lens provide you with a 180° clear view but should also provide a safe viewing experience also.

Anti-fog technology of these lenses should be taken as a vital need before going for a full face snorkel mask. A spray on the film to make it have the fog-less feature is trying to be built by every manufacturer of these masks.

The mask should have a lens that has an anti-scratch coating in it. This coating increases the durability of the masks making them a lifetime investment.

Tinted and colored features are also a vital need for these masks. Such masks suit best for specialty divers who need the masks to act as a guard for their eyes.

Some companies have developed technologies that decrease the deadening of colors at depths. This is done by enhancing the colors that keep fading just like the colors yellow and red. Some companies have even increased the brightness to make the underwater experience seem filled with overwhelming colors.

Different technologies have been introduced in these lenses to make them available in three different kinds:

  1. SINGLE LENS SETUP: These lenses do not have a piece of glass around the nose cap. But the major drawback of these lenses is that a person wearing spectacles or lenses cannot avail their use.
  2. MULTI LENSES: These lenses act as a wrap around the peripheral. This makes the vision more clear than a single lens mask. The best part is that it allows all spectacled and lens users to use the masks that come with these types of lenses.

The material and the fit of the skirt should be taken care of too while buying a mask. Cheap masks made from plastic or rubber has skirts that are brittle, inconvenient and less durable. Opt for a snorkeling mask with a silicon skirt as they allow comfort and a provision of a higher-up seal. These silicone skirts contain additives that obstruct the penetration of UV rays helping the mask to have great longevity.

Some superior masks are now being made with a double layer of secondary skirt that fortifies the seal or the penetration of water into it. Moreover, the second layer does a brilliant job of moving along with one’s face and acts as a backup seal. Also, men are suggested to shave their beard as this can also act as an advantage of preventing the mask from leaking.


Today’s full face snorkeling masks are coming in both an exorbitant and a little on the cheaper side too. Do your search correctly that will help you not only to get all the desired features but will also not burn a hole in your pocket.


Fogging in a full face snorkel mask is due to the formation of tiny water droplets on the lens when the water vapor in the air meets with the cool gas. So before taking your jump into the water, use a surfactant like a commercial anti-fog to solve the problems arising due to fogging on the lens. You can also use your spit to get rid of fogging issues and try these methods just before plunging into the water. It gets quite tricky to clean the fog underwater and this act as a hindrance to your enthralling experience of underwater beauty. These simple tips will avoid such problems and fix it in a jiffy.


During the manufacturing process of a mask, there are many residues that get stuck to the mask indiscreetly. So a pre-treatment of the mask is a vital issue to get rid of fogging. This pre-treatment need has to be done physically which is quite useful. Use a tube of toothpaste that is devoid of higher abrasion whitening properties as this could bring hairline scratches on the lens. Rub a small amount of toothpaste on the inside face of the dry lens using circular movements. After some time, use similar finger movement to rub off the paste from the lens.

The second option can be the usage of soap. But during its cleaning, every bit of the soapy part should be cleaned well so that it avoids causing the mask to fog up later.


For better longevity, everyone cleans their snorkel mask after every experience. Here are some simple tips to do so:

  • Before using the mask, clean the lens with your fingers using a good branded non-abrasive toothpaste.
  • Snorkel masks are meant to be worn on the left side. So attach the snorkel keeper around the left mask strap and slide the keeper in a movement to adjust with your mouthpiece.
  • After every use rinse the mask with clean water and let it dry in the shade.
  • Take utmost care while cleaning the masks as they are feeble. Use cotton cloths and a gentle soap cleanser diluted well in water to keep the lens scratch free.
  • People who frequently travel with the masks should do the packing of this item methodically. Do so in a separate bag that is scratch free. If you do not own a mask that came with a carrier with it, use your pillow cover for doing so. They act as an excellent protectant for your snorkels.


There are a lot of debates going around about whether a full face snorkel is worth a buy or not. Some think it to be a completely safe mask while others believe it to be a dangerous item especially after some deaths in the Hawaiian Islands. Some feel that the human body needs more oxygen while performing an activity like snorkeling. We generally breathe faster and deeply while performing such activities.

Now, if the breathing takes place in an enclosed area like a full face snorkel mask, then the carbon dioxide released will not come out making us repeatedly inhale and exhale the same lousy air. This leads to dizziness, headache, and unconsciousness too. So to avoid such dangerous situations, many feel snorkeling is more safe with a traditional natural breath type masks.

But every manufacturer these days are taking utmost care in designing these full face snorkel masks the best way possible. After that, incorporating some conveniences in these masks has made them a compelling buy for many. The benefits are:

  • BETTER QUALITY: A full face snorkel mask gives a 180° visibility and no arousal of dangers like choking or swallowing water.
  • CONVENIENCE: Owning a personal mask can help one to use it any time without the hassle of renting it from a shop.
  • HYGIENE: One never has to worry about the hygienic condition of the snorkel mask if one owns one. You can avoid putting something into your mouth that was used by many.
  • BETTER FIT: Even after purchasing a snorkel mask for yourself if you see that the fit is not good, then you can definitely go for the return of the item and buying one that ultimately is at par with your fit.
  • HELPS IN SAVINGS: If you are a regular snorkeler, it’s better to invest in a onetime buy for your snorkel mask than keep paying for its rent repeatedly. Infact soon you will see that the cost of buying one is cheaper than renting it each time you go for snorkeling.


The smart and simple technology in full faced snorkel masks makes them a compelling buy. This underwater sport needs a lot of physical fitness. One should check the weather and water conditions before plunging in the water for this enthralling experience. Also never snorkel alone and follow the necessary safety measures for getting an enriching experience.

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